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Overview of G1 Goldmine and Pedigreees 360

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Reasons We Use G1 Goldmine
G1 Goldmine is software that is focused on data to help you get ahead in breeding racehorses through effective in-breeding..

Built on a massive database with 29 important pieces of information about the racehorse industry. This includes a list of all the best racehorses that have won major stakes races around the world. Members who pay for the premium G1 Goldmine service can research and analyze every aspect of a racehorse's pedigree and family tree.

With all this data, breeders can make smarter decisions about which horses to match together to produce fast, successful racehorses. The software digs deep into the bloodlines to identify patterns that lead to champion racehorses.

G1 Goldmine is a platform for advanced pedigree analysis offering tools to identify winning pedigree patterns, research in-depth pedigree centric information and identify superior hypothetical matings. The advantage of G1 Goldmine is that it allows you to clearly identify which pedigrees have been successful and which have not, based on real-time up to date data.

Lonestar Stallions will provide the breeder with two reports from G1 Goldmine. The first is the Stallion Match, Stallion Match allows you to hypothetically mate your mare with any of our stallions and see insights including superior horses with similar pedigrees and our Aptitude profile which clearly shows age/distance of past success.

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Reasons We Use Pedigrees 360
Pedigrees360 was created utilizing AI, Computer Modeling, and Pedigree expertise with the goal of duplicating the great Federico Tesio’s philosophy of deep linebreeding.

This means looking for the correct amplification of breedshaping families within a hypothetical or actual pedigree and then scoring that mating based on historical success of the ancestors.

What difference does it make going back 9 generations you may ask? Well not much if there are only a few appearances of a certain breedshaping family, but if there are 20 – 30 appearances of that horse in the pedigree, it makes a significant difference.

Federico Tesio is considered the greatest breeder of all time. From a small broodmare band of 12 mares and two stallions, Tesio was able to create greatness that is being felt today, over 100 years later.

Without Tesio we would not have Northern Dancer, Mr. Prospector, and all the progency thereafter. In fact, today at any given racetrack the overwhelming majority of the runners can be traced back to Tesio’s breeding operation. Pedigrees360 is able to do what took Tesio several weeks to complete in less than 45 seconds using today’s technology.

This technology combined with our 30+ years of studying pedigrees allows us to help breeders make better decisions about which horses to purchase, breed or claim.
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Curious about how your mare(s) match up with our stallions? We offer FREE pedigree analysis reports utilizing state of the art software tools like G1 Goldmine and Pedigrees 360.
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