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G1 Goldmine FAQ

G1 Stallion Match Report
G1 Goldmine looks at the 4 most recent generations as opposed to the last 9 generations that pedigrees360 looks at. Sometimes the magic happens in these most recent generations. Several times I will run pedigrees360 reports that are too close to call and I then look at G1 Goldmine reports and am able to determine which stallion is the best mating for the mare(s) I am reviewing.
The first and simplest to understand is the Stallion Match also referred to the 20/20 Report. This report looks at 20 key crosses within the past 4 generations and determines how many graded stakes winners appear in the pedigree within the 4 generations. Historical data tells us that the more the better but specifically if you have at least two instances of 20 graded stakes winners within any of the 4 quartiles on the report, you have a very good mating. I have seen as many as 30 graded stakes winners within the most recent four generations. The second report is the impact analysis which assigns a color coded grade to the various key crosses within the pedigree, green being very good and gold/yellow being excellent. Crossed that are highlighted in red should be avoided. In addition this report will tell you how many black type winners appear in the cross and will also give you a pretty good analysis of whether you are breeding a sprinter or route runner through the distance profile of the report.
Yes, I believe the more information you have the better your odds are of breeding a very competitive race-horse as well as a good broodmare or sire.

Uncle Vinny

Standing at Caines Stallion Station
Uncle Vinny has produced 85% winners from his first three crops.
Special Incentives Available
Multiple mares, blacktype mares and mares that match up well with G1 Goldmine and Pedigrees 360.
Stud fee: $2,500.00
Curious about how your mare(s) match up with our stallions? We offer FREE pedigree analysis reports utilizing state of the art software tools like G1 Goldmine and Pedigrees 360.
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